b-line b-boy drawings and sculpture

This show, by Carlos Mare139 Rodriguez was worth the trip to New Jersey in bad weather.


Pictured above, from left, the masters: Henry Chalfant, Lee Quinones, Mare139, Haze

The B-Boy series is my attempt to engage all these experiences into one distilled moment, a freeze  frame that both in creative theory and practice fulfill the connection between all disciplines. They are in fact my modest attempt to jump into the dance cipher, the battle if you will, being that I did not have the physical finesse needed to compete I learned to have the mental and contextual capacity to be able to discern a great B-Boy from a weak one. ~ MARE139

Legendary B-Boy DOZE @ Carlos MARE139 Rodriguez’s “b-line b-boy drawings and sculpture” opening in Jersey from Raquel Cepeda on Vimeo.




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