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img_88831Because I’m not self-obsessed, I won’t tell you that I dig Indie 184 because she’s Dominican. Or a single-mother of three children with crazyfresh names: Cairo, 5; Samira, 3; and Samara 1 and a half. Or that she’s from Washington Heights. No, kind sirs and B-girls. Indie is, to me, a consummate artist dedicated to maintaining her integrity as the world crumbles before us. She’s complex: a doting mother; a life-partner to the legendary COPE; a graphic artist; a clothing designer for her crew Kweenz Destroy‘s forthcoming line for girls; and curator for the forthcoming Queenz Arrive all-female grafitti art show. I waited until she was delirious from  the exhaustion that precedes spearheading a large event, to ask her a few questions. And after the eleventh email, or so, I was able to peer into her mind’s eye about what makes her miserable, Rainbow Brite and reincarnation. ~ by Raquel Cepeda

What is your motto? Rome wasn’t built in one day.

van Gogh was as misunderstood in his day as aerosol artists have been over the last three decades or so of catching fame. In the spirit of hip-hop, let’s remix one of his quotes, fill in the blank: I put my heart and soul into my work, and have lost my sanity in the process.

When I am no longer, my art will say hey, she was cool about me.

Family is above all else.

A true marker of a person’s character is their astrological sign.

What does your sign say about you? I am extremely undecisive.

What was the most challenging experience in your life so far? Being a mother with dreams and aspirations. Sometimes, I feel being ambitious is a curse.

Who is your favorite graffiti artist? SEEN.

What do you consider abysmal misery? procrastination, and not being able to express myself artistically.

What do you most admire in yourself? Being goal-oriented.

What’s your favorite gig? This graffiti thing ain’t too shabby!

Who is your favorite painter? Keith Haring.

What is your favorite destination? Anywhere tropical, preferably sipping on a virgin piña colada. And with a view of my kids playing on the beach.

Who are your favorite female heroines, fantastic or real?
My mother, Madonna, Jem and Rainbow Brite.

Who or what do you miss most often? My little brother and my childhood.

If you believe in reincarnation, who or what would you most like to come back as?
an escape artist or magician.


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  1. never heard of her. I have heard of Cope2 tho. Checked out her blog. She has some dope work.
    Her favorite artist is SEEN, who isn’t too shabby either lol. I Will look out for more of her projects.

  2. I have had the pleasure writing for her kweenz destory blog, and just doing some interacting with Indie, and the woman is a damn inspiration. Good post.! :))

  3. Very fascinating and inspiring story about Indie.
    She is a tremendous artist and loving mother from what I’ve seen and read about her.
    Its good to know there is another lover of Jem out there.
    I look forward to following her work more in the future.
    Thanks RC for always giving us the jewels always!

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