you don't have to make hits to get hit

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A fifteen year-old girl from Seattle kicked her sneaker, hitting a cop. Two deputy sherrifs, in turn, pummelled the girl something awful. However, what is most disturbing to me is how sympathetic people have been towards the cops on several social networks. One such handle,  swordofisis , posted:

well it should serve as a reminder to be polite to the police, wouldnt you think? that “little” girl was grown up enough to get arrested and assult the cops. fuck the stupid little ghetto badass gangsta hoes… raise your hand to a policeman and that IS what will happen to you! some people are just extraordinarily stupid and have to learn the hard way! you think the cops should get her a cigarette and a cup of coffe to help her relax? If you start shit with the cops, the cops will finish it…

Pretty extreme reaction? Not really. Women are treated as second class citizens the world over: one in every three women will become a victim of gender violence during her lifetime. This is just another example of how desensitized we’ve become to it.

Or perhaps, A.D.D. is the culprit.

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