united hate in america


According to the recently published Intelligence Report, the number of active hate groups in America rose to a record 926 in 2008. → Fueled by the recession, non-white immigration, and the rise to power of President Barack Obama, the hate is  up, way up: people are drinking gallons of haterade straight, with no chaser. → And if we think the economy is going to bounce back  miraculously during President Obama’s first (or even second) term in office, we’re all in for a rude awakening: white, Black and Other.

The lack of money is going to make receiving a proper education in this country of ours  a luxury in the years to come. This intellectual erosion, coupled with the fact that most of us have opted out of engaging with the rest of the world is sowing the seeds of racism, likely contributing to the spike in hate crimes against Latinos. It’s risen by 40% over the last six years.

Many Americans assume that we Latinos are all  illegal immigrants.  And that we’re all Mexican. We’re not. Many of us, especially Latinos of Caribbean descent, are  some of the earliest byproducts of slavery: we are mixed-race, ethnically ambiguous folks who are Black and white. The only people that can really claim ownership to this land are Native Americans, who en masse, were systematically wiped out by our “Founding Fathers.” The relatively few who’ve manged to survive were forced on to Reservations, where many still live today. I can’t imagine what it’s like for people of the Shinnecock  Indian Nation—they live on a res—while the rich party and bullshit  in the Southamptons, which was stolen from them back in the 1850s. Things are going to get a lot worse, before they get better, I’m afraid. ~ Raquel Cepeda

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