I had crazy fun producing this “Politricknowledgy” issue of Russell Simmons’ Oneworld Magazine when I was editor in chief there. The cover, featured one of my favorite hip-hop groups, dead prez, on cover: my homie, the renaissance man Andrew Dosunmu on the lens; clothing by the French Moroccan designer Claude Sabbah; words by Talib Kweli. When we released this June/July 2002 issue, so close after 9/11, it was a huge risk. While the concept was, for myself and Dosonmu, paying homage to Tuareg culture, we received hate because people thoght it was pro-Taliban. This was 7 years ago, back when less than 20% of all Americans had passports, (war criminal) Bush, Jr. was president, and we caught a collective case amnesia to jock our then mayor, Rudy Giuliani for doing his job. All these years later, I’ve seen this image interpolated—that’s different from interpreted—on canvas and T-shirts. Go figure.



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  1. This was one of my favorite issues, and I actually still have it. Some things you never get rid of because it speaks volumes. So necessary and yet some were still not ready! I love the “risks” you take to challenge minds! Cheers~!

    Always a fan!

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