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Yellow PiggieWhenever I get writers block or start feeling down about the watering down of Latino neighborhoods in New York, (where are the priced-out folks moving too!?) I frequent 99 Cent Stores (where, for some reason, items usually cost between $1-$3US) and get lost in the colorful tchotchkes and  the aroma of Mistolin, the kind of all purpose cleaner Caribbean folks use that come in flavors like Raspberry and Imperial Garden!

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  1. Lol… I love Rocio and Baby myself! My landlord has taken me to court like 12 times in six years trying to get me out of my rent stabilized apartment… and if I didn’t know my rights, I would have been evicted six years ago. The most recent thing was a noise abatement letter threatening to initiate eviction procedures if the noise didn’t stop… that noise are my 3 and 4 year old whose innocent acts are protected by the Housing Act in regards to Families w/ Children. I live in Harlem, because I was already priced out of Williamsburgh by the time I finished school!

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