cafe con leche!

Behind every successful woman is a substantial amount of coffee” ~ Stephanie Piro

This post is inspired by my twitter bud @kath3000.  I kept reading her tweets about being cafe con leche challenged, and was moved to distraction! And so here I am, an admitted addict, happy to lend a helping hand. Like countless dominicanas, I’ve been drinking cafe con leche since, like, forever. And even today, I’m weaning myself down to an average of five cups a day, including one right before bed (it relaxes me to sleep!). What’s the best thing about my habit? It’s cheap. If you don’t own a fancy espresso maker—i prefer this one, available at your local antillana supermarket and some bodegas—it doesn’t matter. You can still make a slamming cup anytime you fancy a fix.

It’s simple, really.

cafe_con_leche_000STEP 1: Use freshly fine-grounded coffee beans, preferably of a strong variety. And if you’re on a crazy budget and have to pick a can, then Cafe Bustelo will work fine.

STEP 2: Unscrew the stove top espresso maker and fill the bottom with cold water. Fill the metal filter area in the middle with coffee, and screw the pieces back together. Turn the fuego on and wait a few minutes until the water boils up into the top chamber, filling it up to the brim with coffee .

STEP 3: Pour whole or skim milk into a separate small pot.  Don’t wuss out and use the microwave—it’s blasphemy! Enjoy the experience. As the milk starts to boil, beat it lightly with a whisk so it can froth a bit.

STEP 4: More often than not, I like to drink my cafe con leche light and sweet so I mix in about 3/4 milk and 1/4 coffee into one of the cofee cups I’ve inherited from my stepmother.


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